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I have the ultimate solution to save you Time, Money  and Headaches!
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Watch How Fast you Can Create a Logo For a company called 
"Innergy Paper"


Completed in under a minutes!

I invented the world's first logo design software back in '95. It was crude and ugly but years of experience have taught me the secrets on why people love logo designing software!  
Pss...What you just saw is secret #1 !  --> Drag and Drop is the secret!

Seriously...IT'S THAT EASY!!

Let Me Show You How...In 4 Easy Steps !

Sampling of the Logo Templates that are included
Pick Your Favorite Design From Our Pre-Built Logo Templates!
Most people don't have the creativity to design a logo.
If you're thinking that designing a Logo is HARD!  IT IS!
That's why we've had our creative designers create over 
500 beautiful logo templates to choose from that match your business and branding!
Choose Your Logo Objects from our Library and Drag Them Over!
To make your life easier, we have included over 1000 high-resolution logo objects for you to use 100% royalty free! 
No per-object cost like the competitors. 
Search logo objects with the built-in search and simply drag it on to the canvas! It's that easy!

Online Logo makers don't have as many quality objects.

LogoMaven Drag and Drop Screenshot
Simply Drag the Logo Object to the Canvas - Easy!
LogoMaven Edit Text Screenshot
Simply Enter Your Company Name
Enter Your Company Name
 Simply type your company name.
Choose a new font style or adjust the font size. 
Want to add a outline, no problem. 
Need to adjust the spacing, no problem. 
LogoMaven has every text-based feature you can imagine. 

Online Logo makers have none of these advanced features!

Export Your Logo
Export your logo to many formats including
For your Website - Choose PNG or GIF
For Business Cards - Choose TIFF or PDF
For T-Shirts - Choose SVG

No matter what your needs are, we got you covered!

Online Logo makers export only 1 or 2 file types!

LogoMaven Export Options
Export Your Logo to Use On Websites, Business Cards, Letterheads, and More!

Only 4 Steps and You' re Done !

LogoMaven Advanced Tools Screenshot
Make a Business Card
LogoMaven Also Designs Business Cards, Stationery, Banners, Web Graphics & More!
LogoMaven Business Cards screenshot
This business card for Mario's Pizza was designed in LogoMaven in under 5 minutes.
LogoMaven creates any kind of designs from Ad Banners, Logos, Graphics to Sales Flyers and more!
All done for you in minutes!
Professional Tools
Use Our Professional Design Tools to Achieve Your Perfect Logo Vision!
LogoMaven Advanced Tools Screenshot
We've built some powerful advanced editing tools that even professionals find enticing!
Professional quality editing tools found only in high-end graphics software is now available for all users of LogoMaven.
We Have a No Pixelation Rule!
I hate Jaggies. You hate Jaggies !
Don't understand Jaggies or Pixelation? 
Check out the image to the right to get an understanding

We know how important quality is for you! 

Logo's created with LogoMaven are vector images

That means they don't pixelate when they are stretched!  

No Jaggies! Just clean, clear, sharp lines.

Drag the Handle above to see the quality that LogoMaven gives you unlike the competitors!



Professional Grade Logo Design Software 
Logo Design Software 
Logo Design Software for Windows
Software that even your grandma can use.
  • 500 Professionally Designed Logo Templates Organized by Business Type
  • 500 High Resolution Royalty Free Logo Objects
  • ​Drag n' Drop Designer for simplicity sake.
  • ​No Pixelation Logo's - Smooth & Clean Lines
  • ​Gorgeous Gradients and Colors to choose from!
  • ​Lifetime License (Limited Time Offer)
Make as Many Logos you want with a single License !!!
LogoMaven is Perfect Solution For You!
Point- Click - Drag - You're a Designer!
  • Create a Logo For Your Personal Brand
  • ​New Businesses, Sports Teams, Organizations
  • ​Update your Existing Logos
  • ​Create and Start your Branding Campaign
Available for Windows Only:
LogoMaven Software
Logo Design Software
Lifetime License
No Monthly Subscription !
FINE PRINT: This is a Limited Time Offer - BUY NOW to lock in Lifetime License. No other Offers can be combined with this bundle.

If you order today, I'll give you these Bonuses...

Bonus #1
Branding Secrets eBook
Branding Secrets eBook 
  • Short, simple and quick read without hassle
  • ​Creating your Brand, starts with your Logo
  • ​Learn where you need to focus on your Brand
10 Expansion Packs for LogoMaven Software
Professionally Designed Logo Expansion Packs
What are Expansion Packs, you ask?
  • Extra pre-designed content in various categories - All Super Clean and Crisp.
  • ​Usually $15 each! - Special Bundle Price !
  • ​Activate them from within LogoMaven
  • ​Expansion Packs Include Templates & Objects
  • ​Amazing Objects to create Stunning Logos
Expansion Packs
  • Maps & Rosettes
  • ​Mandala Designs
  • ​Foliage & Flowers
  • ​Shapes & Embellishments
  • ​Diamonds & Decorations
  • ​Swooshes & Brushes 
  • ​Spheres & Globes 
  • ​Shields & Wings 
  • ​Business & Finance
  • ​Badges & Seals
200+ Photoshop Logo Templates
Stunning Photoshop Logo Templates
  • Designed by our in-house designers
  • ​Beautiful Logos pre-created for you
  • ​Open in Photoshop & add your Company Name.
  • ​All Templates are Royalty Free, meaning you don't owe us a dime more
  • ​Create and use these for client logos!
Logo Templates
250+ Photoshop Logo Objects & Elements
Beautiful High-Resolutions Photoshop Logo Objects
  • Hand crafted by our in-house Designers
  • ​Beautiful Logos Objects designed by Pros
  • Instantly use in Photoshop or LogoMaven
  • ​All Objects are Royalty Free - No Additional fee
  • ​Use on all client logos!
Logo Objects
LogoMaven Objects
Bonus #5
250+ Professional Business Card Templates
Beautiful High-Resolutions Photoshop Logo Objects
  • Hand crafted by our in-house Designers
  • ​Beautiful Logos Objects designed by Pros
  • Instantly use in Photoshop or LogoMaven
  • ​All Objects are Royalty Free - No Additional fee
  • ​Use on all client logos!
Business Cards
Bonus #6
Private Access to LogoDesignFonts Website
Stunning Hand-Crafted Logo Design Fonts
  • Logo Fonts hand-picked for Logo Designs
  • ​Fonts designed by World famous designers
  • Instantly use in all applications, even Word
  • ​Fonts are Royalty Free - No Additional fee
  • ​Vector-based fonts are scalable to any size
  • ​Use any font in any logo or graphic you create!
Over 13,000 Fonts!
No Monthly Subscription
Logo Design Fonts

Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase Logo Design Creator - BLUEPRINT EDITION
  • ​Professional Logo Design Software (LogoMaven)  ($149 Value)
  • ​Bonus #1 - Branding Secrets eBook ($19 Value)
  • Bonus #2 - 10 Expansion Packs for LogoMaven Software ($97 Value)
  • ​Bonus #3 - 200+ Photoshop Logo Templates ($197 Value)
  • ​​Bonus #4 - 250+ Photoshop Logo Objects & Elements 2 ($197 Value)
  • Bonus #5 - 250+ Photoshop Business Card Templates ($197 Value)
  • Bonus #6 - Private Access to Logo Design Fonts Website ($289 Value)
Total Value: $1145
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $99
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